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Welcome to the deep forest of my elaborate thoughts.


Who am I then, to feel the need to air my thoughts like the dirty laundry they much resemble? The name is Elias L.E. Jenvald, a man who calls himself author and game designer, because he likes to write and make games. 

I have recently finished writing my book, "The Fabulous Destiny of Guthuriwan", a fantasy novel taking inspiration from the works of Douglas Adams and the "Hitchhikers"-series of novels particularly. Like all passion projects it has taken me way to long too finish, but after a successful Kickstarter, it is now done. Check out the store to buy your copy today!

Besides that I love anything that has to do with storytelling. Books, games, movies, TV-series, anime, comic-books, table-top RPGs, and the list goes on and on. Besides being a store where you can buy my books, this is where I can write about how I feel about these stories, why I love them, and the things that bug me about the different industries. I will also publish a few short stories I write here, just to get them out there. Happy reading!

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